The Best Entry-Level Jobs in UX Design (2023)

The field of user experience (UX) design is growing, with plenty of job opportunities from freelance work to internships and entry-level positions. If you’re looking to start your UX design career, we’ve compiled a list of the best entry-level UX designer jobs. Keep reading for information on the various UI/UX designer career paths available, how to land junior positions, and how to advance.

What Is UX Design and Why Is It Important?

UX design is the planning and development of the overall user experience for a particular product. Designers with multidisciplinary interests will find the field of user experience highly rewarding. UX design is applied to software and technology in different contexts. It is an integral part of responsive website creation, mobile app development, and interactive game development.

The Best Entry-Level Jobs in UX Design (1)

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Consumers are now much more interested in the kind of experience they have on websites, mobile devices, and other technologies. UX designers determine the look and feel of the experience for users. They translate design concepts to a successful product with commercial success and create an intuitive experience so users can enjoy all the features of a product.

What Is the Job Outlook for UX Design?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a healthy and growing job market for UX designers with a projected growth of 13 percent by 2030. The positive job outlook for UX designers shows openings for 224,900 digital designers each year. This growth is faster than the average for all occupations and is a result of the increased use of mobile devices and web services.

The skills of a UX designer will open up opportunities in other fields with an even better job outlook. These professionals can work for web design companies, do freelance work, or work for in-house companies in the business of creating interactive and responsive product user experiences.

Top Reasons to Pursue a Career in UX Design

  • UX designers can get high-paying job opportunities
  • You will find growth opportunities with in-demand positions
  • UX-related positions span diverse industries
  • There are collaboration opportunities with professionals in other fields in and out of tech
  • UX designing is a creative endeavor and a challenging career

What Does an Entry-Level UX Designer Do?

Entry-level UX designers engage with the design, research, and business aspects of their field. They might be tasked with identifying client requirements and creating proposed designs to create a suitable user experience.

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UX designers know how to use design tools to generate designs. Popular UX design tools that UX designers use are Adobe XD, Figma, Framer, and Sketch. They support the design teams and assist senior designers.

Types of Entry-Level UX Designer Roles

Game Design

UX designers can work on game development teams and focus on the user’s experience and how they interface with all the game’s features. They apply ideas of psychology to predict the interest of the player and their behaviors. This can be a repetitive process to ensure that the final look of the game is fun and engaging.

UX Research

Research is a crucial part of the UX design process and most roles involve some level of research. Research-focused titles are good entry-level positions for graduates with analytical skills and attention to detail. UX research involves data collection and data analysis to find issues in the user experience and recommend solutions.

Visual Design

UX designers in this role are involved in all the visual aspects of a product. Some designers specialize in ensuring an engaging and informative experience. They have an acute sense of visual language and focus on what a user sees on a screen. They ensure that both the content and layout of what a user sees is engaging and on-brand.

Common Responsibilities of Entry-Level UX Design Jobs

  • Conduct research and participate in activities like participant recruiting, note-taking, and data analysis
  • Assist in designing and developing user experience concepts, wireframes, prototypes, personas, workflows, and journey maps
  • Create graphic and visual design elements
  • Testing designs and reiterations of user stories
  • Carry out the design process and create artifacts for information architecture like card sorting, sitemaps, and flow diagrams
  • Support senior-level UX professionals in their projects

How Much Do Entry-Level UX Design Jobs Pay?

According to PayScale, the average annual salary of a UX designer is $75,341. UX designer salaries can range from $52,000 to $109,000 per year. UX designing is a lucrative field with good starting salaries for entry-level positions that can lead to high incomes for top professionals with UX design experience.

If you have an interest in user-centered design, listed below are the best entry-level UX design jobs and the average salaries you can expect.

Entry-Level UX Design Jobs That Pay the Most: Overview

Job Average Salary Min. Education/Training Associated Mid and Senior Roles
Product Designer $72,795 Bachelor’s Degree in Business Industrial designer, design manager, and senior product designer.
Interaction Designer $71,231 Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics Design or Illustration Senior UI designer, lead UX designer, and mobile app developer.
User Experience (UX) Designer $65,970 Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design Information architect, senior UX designer, and product manager.
User Experience (UX) Researcher $65,761 Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or Behavioral Science UX architect, senior UX researcher, and web developer.
Visual Designer $57,151 Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design or Visual Communications Senior UX designer, art production manager, and multimedia developer.
User Interface (UI) Designer $50,022 Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design or Information Technology Information architect, lead UX designer, and game UI designer.
Digital Marketing Specialist $41,300 Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing or Digital Marketing SEO manager, marketing director, and social media manager.
Web Designer $42,936 Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Web developer, software engineer, and senior digital designer.
Graphic Designer $41,976 Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design Art director, creative director, marketing and advertising manager.
Digital Designer $40,750 Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science UX designer, animation designer, and digital marketing manager.
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Best Entry-Level UX Design Jobs: A Closer Look

The Best Entry-Level Jobs in UX Design (2)

Product Designer

Product designers work on developing new products that meet consumer needs and are financially successful. They are also in charge of revamping existing products. Designers with UX design internship experience and project management knowledge on their resumes are strong candidates for landing this position.

Product Designer Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the creation of design concepts, sketches, drawings, and illustrations for an optimal user experience that also meets business goals.
  • Research and remain up-to-date on current market trends.
  • Facilitate accurate communication related to design requirements and product development efficiency.
  • Coordinate with other designers and developers.

Interaction Designer

Interaction designers design interactive experiences based on client or consumer requirements. This job can include lots of research into the market trends or past projects to understand and improve how users will interact with a product or service. Businesses hire these designers to make sure their websites are interactive and engaging for potential and current consumers.

Interaction Designer Responsibilities

  • Perform market research and identify client requirements and user needs.
  • Integrate interactive features in the design architecture.
  • Resolve design issues and recommend solutions.
  • Make reports or documentation related to the design process.
  • Develop design strategy, workflows, prototypes, test cases, and design iterations.

User Experience (UX) Designer

UX designers develop the elements of a user interface from the initial process to the final product. They are involved in the visual design, layouts, audio, video, and animations to make sure they function properly and are aesthetically pleasing.

In an entry-level position, they assist and report to senior designers. Having UX design projects in an online portfolio will increase your chances of getting an entry-level position.

User Experience Designer Responsibilities

  • Communicate with development teams and clients to develop successful designs.
  • Conduct testing of designs and provide solutions to problems.
  • Assist in improving the design of the user interface.
  • Create prototypes and perform user testing.
  • Perform iterations and present design concepts.

User Experience (UX) Researcher

UX researchers are responsible for creating the research process for data collection to make better product designs for the end-users. They analyze the data and translate it to information that can be used to ensure tech products make an impact on the market.

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After translating all this into valuable information, they coordinate efforts with other design teams. Entry-level researchers aid in performing tasks like writing research scripts, organizing interviews, and preparing reports.

UX Researcher Responsibilities

  • Design research for target audiences and identify objectives and scope of research.
  • Write scripts and questionnaires to collect data.
  • Organize and conduct interviews, surveys, and prototyping of solutions from research and qualitative feedback.
  • Analyze quantitative data and prepare useful reports for designers and developers.

Visual Designer

Visual designers work with the graphics and visuals of everything users see on a screen, rather than how it works in the backend. They work with a variety of platforms, software, and media. Entry-level workers help create visual concepts and support senior designers. It is a common path to pursue in the user experience design field.

Visual Designer Responsibilities

  • Align the designs and layouts with the brand voice and ensure guidelines are followed.
  • Help design assets like logos, icons, and infographics.
  • Organize and adjust visual assets for different platforms.
  • Communicate with clients to finalize prototypes and designs and collaborate with other designers.
  • Implement changes in design and visual concepts and document changes for reference.

User Interface (UI) Designer

User interface designers are responsible for creating interactive programs where the goal is that customers enjoy the experience. They help design visual interfaces for websites, applications, and video games. This is a creative role that focuses on the aesthetics and attractiveness of the platform.

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User Interface Designer Responsibilities

  • Apply graphic design concepts to create attractive visual design elements.
  • Support senior designers to create intuitive user experiences.
  • Create prototypes and perform usability testing for multiple platforms.

Digital Marketing Specialist

This is an increasingly popular career path due to the expansion of social media and the resulting demand for content creation. They work on hands-on projects for advertising, social media campaigns, and promotional events. With experience, they can play an influential role in digital marketing strategies and product development.

Digital Marketing Specialist Responsibilities

  • Plan and implement digital marketing strategies.
  • Enhance customer engagement and improve digital communication channels.
  • Track marketing analytics and overlook marketing research.
  • Create reports and communicate with stakeholders and management.

Web Designer

Web designers are responsible for coding landing pages and websites. They design functional web pages and associated apps for clients and companies. They may work on both the technical and graphical aspects of the platform. As a designer, you will need to create the most effective user experience to meet the client requirements for the web platform.

Web Designer Responsibilities

  • Design the web pages for individuals and organizations.
  • Ensure that the web design meets content standards and design guidelines.
  • Conduct website testing and it runs without any bugs.
  • Prepare reports on different content management systems.
  • Create user flows, process flows, site maps, and wireframes.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers know how to use colors, different fonts, and appropriate layouts. They apply this knowledge to create products. Good graphics designers are able to communicate messages through visual designs. They participate in the design of logos, product packaging, advertisements, print materials, and websites across a wide variety of industries.

Graphic Designer Responsibilities

  • Conceptualize graphics and visual design according to client requirements.
  • Present design ideas and concepts to clients and design teams for feedback.
  • Design illustrations, develop animations, and create images using graphic design software.
  • Communicate with design teams, developers, and stakeholders.

Digital Designer

Digital designers develop designs for multimedia projects including web development, animations, media kits, and mobile applications. Their work is applicable on all digital devices and also involves 3D design. The skills of a digital designer are used to define the end users’ digital experience which is useful for roles with a direct focus on user experience.

Digital Designer Responsibilities

  • Create digital designs, templates, and graphics.
  • Work with graphic designers for digital marketing and branding.
  • Communicate with stakeholders and managers to deliver digital designs that align business goals and also create an effective digital user experience.
  • Create impactful and attractive digital content.

What Types of Companies Hire Entry-Level UX Designers?

Companies in a variety of industries hire UX designers for their digital skills and user experience design knowledge. Clients with products and services for consumers and interest in delivering an optimized user experience offer jobs to UX designers. These can be software or tech companies, media platforms, and mobile or video game development companies.

Career Progression: Mid and Senior-Level UX Design Roles

Mid-Level UX Design Jobs

Mid-Level UX designer

  • Average salary: $84,975
  • Related entry-level roles: Entry-level UX designer, visual designer, graphic designer
  • Responsibilities: Work with junior designers or interns, provide ideas for design solutions to improve user experience, and contribute to large-scale design projects.

Design Manager

  • Average salary: $84,913
  • Related entry-level roles: Product designer, visual designer, illustrator
  • Responsibilities: Manage design projects, direct and mentor teams, set strategies, monitor performance, ensure timely, and cost-effect deliverables.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager

  • Average salary: $79,737
  • Related entry-level roles: Digital marketing specialist, website content manager, digital designer
  • Responsibilities: Apply knowledge of search engine optimization tools and techniques to develop strategies that bring a website to the top of search engine results.

Web Developer

  • Average salary: $67,571
  • Related entry-level roles: Web designer, graphic designer, programmer
  • Responsibilities: Coordinate with designers and content producers to develop web applications and software.

Industrial Designer

  • Average salary: $67,512
  • Related entry-level roles: Product designer, graphic designer, drafter
  • Responsibilities: Design and develop concepts for products that are manufactured for daily use by consumers.

Senior UX Design Jobs

Senior Product Designer

  • Average salary: $122,218
  • Related entry-level roles: Product designer
  • Responsibilities: Oversee and direct conceptual development of products and services, mitigate risks, scope control, and issues resolution.

Senior UX Manager

  • Average salary: $121,746
  • Related entry-level roles: Graphic designer, UI designer, visual designer
  • Responsibilities: Develop strategies for the development of user interface designs, identify user needs, supervise UX research, align brand goals, and report to senior management.

Lead UX Designer

  • Average salary: $114,845
  • Related entry-level roles: UX designer, interaction designer
  • Responsibilities: Analyzing market research, ensuring objectives of the product design are achieved for the benefit of users’ experience, supervising development iterations, evaluating based on feedback, and communicating with designers.
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Senior UX Designer

  • Average salary: $105,149
  • Related entry-level roles: UX designer, digital designer, digital designer
  • Responsibilities: Developing strategies to provide high-level user-oriented designs, manage design teams, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure delivery of requirements for user experience.

Information Architect

  • Average salary: $90,019
  • Related entry-level roles: User experience designer, user interface designer, UX researcher
  • Responsibilities: Design the structures of a website and other information environments, classify and label content, and plan access to information.

How to Get a Job in UX Design

Many UX design jobs require technical skills and knowledge of design concepts that can be obtained by attending a degree program in computer science or graphic design. Relevant coursework, internships, and hands-on projects give you the design experience to build an effective portfolio and resume.

The Best Entry-Level Jobs in UX Design (3)

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You can also attend a UX design bootcamp and create a professional network to pursue opportunities in UX design. Earning certifications and advanced skills will help you advance in your career as a UX designer.

Required Skills for an Entry-Level UX Design Job

  • Visual and graphic design
  • Prototyping, wireframing, and mockups
  • Programming
  • Analytical skills

Top Certifications for Entry-Level UX Design

Can You Get an Entry-Level UX Design Job with a Coding Bootcamp?

Yes, a UX design, digital marketing, web design, or coding bootcamp can prepare you for entry-level jobs in user experience design. Bootcamps are a great starting point for anyone wanting to develop relevant industry skills and pursue a career in this field.

The flexibility in schedule gives ample space to upskill your UX design knowledge at your own pace. Bootcamp graduates get the hands-on experience to develop a digital portfolio for potential employers. Below are the top bootcamps that offer UX design programs.

Top UX Design Bootcamps

  • Kenzie Academy
  • Thinkful
  • Springboard
  • Ironhack
  • BrainStation
  • General Assembly

Best Resources for UX Design


Books on UX design are a great way to study user experience and supplement your learning. They teach you new ideas and concepts and encourage you to explore. For instance, Don Norman inspires readers in his book, The Design of Everyday Things to find usable designs all around us that help designers influence consumer behavior.

Research Firms

You can benefit from research firms that specialize in research dedicated to user experience. It gives designers evidence-backed knowledge to design experiences curated for specific users. These include articles, reports, and other types of useful information. A great choice is the Nielsen Norman Group which provides both reports and consulting services.


Design websites and blogs offer abundant resources to study and career resources tailored for a career in UX/UI design. You can stay up-to-date with new trends and practices. These include Design Shack, Usability Geek, and Boxes and Arrows, to name a few.

Is a Career in UX Design for You?

Yes, UX design is a great career choice for professionals familiar with design concepts and a desire to make clients happy. It is the perfect choice if you want a rewarding career with opportunities to grow in your role and take on more responsibilities in the future. You can explore different roles in the dynamic field of UX design and gain proficiency in design tools.

Entry-Level UX Design Jobs FAQ

How do I prepare for my first UX job?

To get ready for landing your first job as a UX designer, make sure to build a strong resume. If your cover letter and resume land you an interview, we have a guide to help you prepare for your interview. Bootcamps provide support for graduating job seekers and career changers through career counseling and portfolio-building tips.

How do I get a job at UX with no experience?

You can pursue online courses in UX design during your full-time job at your own pace. There are plenty of internship and apprenticeship opportunities in web development, app development, and the design industry. Another great option is to enroll in a coding bootcamp.

Is UX design stressful?

UX design jobs can be stressful at times because there are often deadlines to meet. You will also need to pay close attention to detail. Digital designers work full time and often have to commit extra hours to finish a project.

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Is UX a good career?

UX design is an exciting career for artists, engineers, and creative people. It is a rewarding place to begin your career journey because there are constantly new things happening and you can bring your ideas into your designs.

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