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Washington isAmerica’s Top Stateaccording toU.S. News (2019)and we provide one of the most competitive benefits packages in the nation.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has some of the most talented people in the natural resource field. We celebrate and value diversity, appreciating that a workforce composed of those from different backgrounds and experiences creates an inclusive environment, strengthens positive relationships with the local community, and brings new perspectives and approaches to fulfilling the agency’s mission. We value demonstrated skill in living WDFW values of professionalism, accountability, empathy, integrity, service, and respect.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is dedicated to preserving, protecting and perpetuating fish, wildlife and ecosystems, while providing sustainable recreational and commercial opportunities dependent on viable fish and wildlife populations. Each day, WDFW employees facilitate fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities for millions of residents and visitors. WDFW’s employees–field and laboratory biologists, geneticists, research scientists, hatchery professionals, policy experts, fully commissioned law enforcement officers, land stewards, lab technicians, property acquisition specialists, customer service representatives and others work throughout the state. WDFW employees protect and restore critical habitat, strive to facilitate species recovery when necessary, and manage hundreds of fish and wildlife species. WDFW employees maintain nearly a million acres of public wildlife lands. They interpret, apply and enforce state and federal laws and collaborate with stakeholders to protect fish and wildlife resources. The Department of Fish and Wildlife has some of the most talented people in the natural resource field. Find out more about us and the important work we are a part of


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Scientific Technician 3

We are recruiting to fill one (1) permanent Scientific Technician 3 positions within the Fish Program, Fish Management. The duty station is located at 3860 Hwy 97A, Wenatchee, WA.

This position supports the organization’s mission by collecting angler effort and catch data during upper Columbia River salmon, steelhead, and resident fish recreational fisheries. This position also collects fish community and population data from resident fishes in rivers and lakes. This data helps fishery managers maximize recreational fishing opportunities while ensuring impacts to native and/or ESA listed species don’t exceed conservation objectives. DutiesConduct creel surveys to gather information on angler usage and harvest, including collecting biological data. Conducting spawning ground surveys, lake and stream fish population monitoring surveys and when needed, assisting with adult fish management at weirs and/or hatcheries.
Tasks include:
Conducts angler interviews (i.e., catch) and effort counts (i.e., # of anglers) during creel surveys. Also, collects biological data from harvested fish including, but not limited to species, sex, lengths, weights, scales, otoliths, coded-wire-tags, and PIT tags. Collects fish population information (e.g., species composition, catch-per-unit-effort, length frequency, etc.) using various sampling gear types (e.g., electrofishing, nets, seines, traps, hook-and-line, etc.). Extracts, reads, and catalogs coded-wire-tags. Enumerates spawning areas and documents spawner locations with the use of a GPS, collects biological data and samples from fish carcasses for size, gender and age structure. Conducts limnological surveys of freshwater lakes and reservoirs. Marks and tags fish with anchor tags and other external identifiers such as adipose fin removal. Removes adult salmon and steelhead at weirs and hatcheries, collection of data to catalog removal efforts.

Supervises and directs lower level scientific technicians in conducting creel census surveys on all types of sport fisheries, sampling of stream and lake environments for the purpose of enumerating and collecting biological data from various fish populations.
Tasks include:
Develop monthly creel census schedules based on current sport fisheries monitoring requirements. Supervision of creel technicians who monitor the various anadromous and resident fisheries within the upper Columbia River basin. Monitors data collection and survey methods of field technicians to ensure consistent and accurate information is collected at all times.

Working with raw data in order to summarize/analyze data for monthly and annual reports. Data entry and QA/QC.
Tasks include:
Enters all creel and fish population survey data, performs limited data analyses, and data summaries using software such as Excel, Work, and Access. Conducts all data QA and QC checks.

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Other Duties as assigned
Tasks can include:Reports vehicle mileage required by Motor Pool, schedules vehicles for required maintenance, secures seasonal vehicles from Motor Pool, performs and schedules maintenance to boats and boat trailers, maintains sampling gear (backpack electro shocker, coded wire tag detectors, PIT tag detectors, various net types…etc.), assists in lake and stream rehabilitation projects.

Working Conditions:
Full time salary; Schedule variable, adjusted according to need five days per week, 24/7 hourly schedule; weekend/some holiday work required. Daily travel in WDFW issued vehicles up to 2,500 miles per month. Extensive work with the public in conducting interviews and informing anglers of rules and regulations.

Field office in Wenatchee / all types of weather – good percentage of time being spent in vehicles, conducting surveys primarily walking and wading rivers short distances to conduct angler interviews, effort counts, and spawning ground surveys; sometimes from boats, rafts. Time spent in office entering and analyzing data. Working in inclement weather and walking/hiking long distances (up to 10 miles per day) on uneven ground, wading, and rocky river environments will be required for high lakes and spawning ground surveys. Must be able to lift weights up to 50lbs without accommodation.

This position is in the bargaining unit represented by the Washington Association of Fish & Wildlife Professionals and is subject to the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the State of Washington, Department of Fish & Wildlife, and the Washington Association of Fish & Wildlife Professionals.

QualificationsGraduation from high school or GED, including one year of high school science and four years of experience as a scientific technician 2. Must possess a valid Washington State Driver’s License.

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Preferred/Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience conducting creel and spawning ground surveys on resident and/or anadromous fish species in river environments.
  • Knowledge of both resident and anadromous fish species
  • Working knowledge of stream and/or lake fish abundance and species composition surveys
  • Experience collecting biological samples from fish including snouts of steelhead and salmon
  • Experience working around and using the following equipment; (electroshocking boats and backpacks, deploying and retrieving various net types, rafts and power boats, PIT tag and Coded Wire Tag Detectors).
  • Good working knowledge of the following computer programs; (Excel, Access and Word).
  • Good public relations skills

Supplemental InformationTo apply for this position you MUST complete your profile attach the following to your profile before completing the online application:

  • A cover letter describing how you meet the qualifications of this position (generic cover letter will not be accepted)
  • A current resume
  • Three professional references

Please note: Failure to follow the above application instructions may lead to disqualification. E-mailed documents will not be accepted in lieu of attaching your documents to the online profile.

Upon submission of your online application, you will immediately receive a confirming e-mail. You will then be notified via e-mail of your status during the process. In addition to the e-mail notifications, you can check the status of your application at any time by visiting your online profile Due to the high volume of applications that we receive, we ask your understanding and encourage you to use the online process and avoid calling for information.

Veteran Preference Notice
To take advantage of veteran preference, please do the following:

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  • Email a copy of your DD214 (Member 4 copy), NGB 22 or USDVA signed verification of service letter to
  • Subject line should include recruitment number, position and Vet (#10155 Biologist 1 – Veteran)
  • Include your name as it appears on your application in

Military Spouse Preference Notice
To take advantage of military spouse preference, please do the following:

  • Notify us of your military spouse status by email
  • Subject line should include recruitment number, position and MS (i.e., #10155 Biologist 1 – MS)
  • Include your name as it appears on your application in

The Department of Fish and Wildlife is an equal opportunity employer. We strive to create a working environment that includes and respects cultural, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation and gender identity diversity. Women, racial and ethnic minorities, persons of disability, persons over 40 years of age, disabled and Vietnam era veterans and people of all sexual orientations and gender identities are encouraged to apply. Persons needing accommodation in the application process or this announcement in an alternative format may call (360) 902-2276 or the Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) at (800) 833-6388.9 PM Pacific


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