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xTool offers separate laser modules and accessories that users can use to upgrade their engraving machine anytime they want. Previously, there were only blue laser modules available that had some limitations for various materials, such as gold, silver, plastic, due to the nature of the laser. Thus, there was a need for a special infrared laser module that could fill the gap.

We proudly announce that xTool is ready to bring its 1064nm infrared laser to the market. We are here to introduce the new laser module, which is compatible with xTool D1 Pro. The incredible laser module will enhance the capability of the machine and allow engraving more objects with optimal precision and perfection and scale your business into a new dimension.

Now, let's have a look at the exciting features of the laser module and what you can do with it. But before that, it is necessary to discuss what an infrared laser is to understand aspects of the laser module and the purpose of its creation.

What is Infrared Laser?

In laser engravers and cutters, the laser beams can be in the visible range spectrum (400-700nm) or outside the visible range the spectrum, depending on the requirements. If the color of the laser beams is in the visible range, then you will notice a certain monochromatic color of the laser. The commonly available blue laser also lies in the visible range. It has a wavelength of 440-450nm.

The laser beams correspond to a certain wavelength. There is a specific wavelength of each radiation, whether it is in the visible range or outside the visible range. When you look at the visible spectrum of light, there are seven colors. The first color is violet which has the shortest wavelength in the range of 400-420nm. The last color is Red, which has the longest wavelength in the range of 620-780nm.

The radiation after the red color has a longer wavelength and is known as Infrared. It does not lie in the visible range, so humans cannot see any color. The range of infrared is 700nm to 1mm (1,000,000nm).

An infrared laser emits infrared laser beams. The wavelength is in the infrared region. Mostly, the wavelength of such laser modules is 1064nm. This laser is quite powerful and can easily engrave those materials that can't be engraved by the blue laser. It can engrave all types of metals, plastic, and other materials to utmost perfection.

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What's Special About xTool's 1064nm Infrared Laser Module

xTool's 1064nm infrared laser module has some extraordinary features and specifications that help it to stand out from other products available on the market.

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Powerful Laser Module

The laser module is undoubtedly very powerful. It can easily engrave on any type of metal in fewer passes. Whether it is gold, silver, platinum, or any other hard metal, it can engrave the material at high speed and offer perfect results.

The laser power is 2W, which is twice more than the other infrared DIY laser modules available on the market. Its high IR peak power of 15KW and IR average power of 2W make it suitable for engraving metals, plastics, and other hard objects in no time.

Fine Results

The laser spot of xTool's infrared laser module is 0.03 x 0.03mm, which offers exceptional engraving results. It is ideal for small objects, such as rings, bracelets, pendants, and even smaller than these. It can engrave 1.5mm high letters with excellent visibility and fine results.

The small laser spot takes care of the fine details while engraving. It is also perfect for engraving plastics. When you engrave plastic objects using a 450nm/blue laser, there are burn marks, and the result is not that great. But this infrared laser module leaves no burn marks. The result is extra clear and visible. It is finer than printing.

You can even engrave on delicate leather pieces. It leaves no burn marks and offers extra fine results on whatever you engrave.

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Incredible Performance with xTool D1 Pro

A laser module cannot work alone; it requires a compatible engraving machine. Thus, even if the module is to the mark, optimal results and perfection are not guaranteed unless you have an excellent engraving machine.

xTool has worked on all areas of laser engraving. The infrared laser module is compatible with xTool D1, which is an incrediblelaser engraving machine full of outstanding features.

When you mount the infrared laser module on the machine, its performance and capability are multiplied. You can engrave objects at an incredible speed of 400mm/s. This speed is twice the speed of similar infrared laser engraving machines. Within xTool D1 Pro and its infrared laser, the efficiency and productivity are increased.

The accuracy of the machine is 0.01mm (0.004inches). It moves the laser module with incredible precision, and there won't be any visible error or off-track engraving. Even the repeat position accuracy is incredible, 0.017mm (0.007inches).

The laser engraving area is 430 x 390mm, which is excellent for engraving a wide range of objects. It can even be used for batch processing and engraving multiple objects in one go. Plus, the height of the machine can also be increased using risers to accommodate more objects.

The best part is the xTool has introduced some attachments to enhance the capability of the machine and offer better results. The most important accessory is the rotary attachment RA2 Pro, which is the world's first 4-in-1 rotary attachment. It is a combination of chuck rotary, roller rotary, sphere rotary, and ring rotary. You can engrave 90% of the cylindrical and spherical objects using it.

What You Can Do with It

xTool's 1064nm infrared laser is the perfect machine for those who want to sell personalized gift items. It can be used to engrave valuable items and gifts that are personalized for special occasions. Other than that, you can do a lot of things by considering the materials the laser module can engrave.
Let's see what you can do with it.

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Jewelry Engraving

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xTool's infrared laser can be used to engrave delicate jewelry items. People usually get rings engraved for the special day. Using the laser, you can engrave the name, date, or anything required by the customer.

The machine is capable of engraving all precious metals, including silver, gold, and platinum. Plus, with the help of RA2 Pro rotary attachment, you can also engrave rings and other cylindrical objects.

Anything can be engraved, including pendants, lockets, bracelets, rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces, etc. It is an excellent business idea to offer customers customized engraved jewelry items of their choice.

Metal Marking

The infrared laser can engrave almost all types of metals. Therefore, it can also be used for marking metallic items. The marking can be a logo, date, trademark, company name, or anything else. Businesses can use the machine to mark their metallic products.

Moreover, it can also be used to engrave metallic keychains, business cards, bottles, and other customized products for businesses.

Leather Engraving

Leather can also be engraved with xTool's 1064nm laser module. The results of engraving are incredible. There won't be burn marks or traces.

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With that being said, the users can engrave bags, wallets, belts, leather keychains, or anything made of leather. The machine can be used to start a leather engraving business.

Plastic Engraving

There is a wide range of plastic objects, including toys, computer accessories, home essentials, jewelry, decorative items, etc. But engraving plastic is not possible with blue lasers.

With this 1064nm infrared laser diode module, you can engrave almost any type of plastic with perfection. The result will be fine, and the engraved corners and lines will be clearly visible.

You can engrave almost any type of plastic product and sell it. It is an ideal choice to engrave designs and fine details on plastic objects and personalize them with names, quotes, dates, etc.


xTool's 1064nm infrared laser is an incredible product that diversifies the range of materials you can engrave. It makes your laser machine capable of engraving metals, plastic, leather, and a wide variety of materials that can't be engraved with the common blue diode laser. The features of the module make it one of the best and problem-solving laser modules on the market. It can enhance your business by adding more product ranges and inventory options.

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